​Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents​

With so many cars on the road, motorcyclists tend to feel outnumbered. Motorcyclists also face a different set of problems when it comes to operating their motorcycle. Below are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Reduced Visual Recognition

Clearly, motorcycles are smaller in size than cars. Drivers on the road may not be able to see motorcycles, because they are visually obstructed by other vehicles. This is a major problem at intersections–where 70% of motorcycle accidents occur.

Hazards On The Open Road

Uneven payment and potholes may not seem like a big deal to drivers. However, they are a big deal to motorcyclists. These road hazards cause motorcycle accidents more than you think.

Riding Experience & Ability Of The Motorcyclist

Riding a motorcycle properly and safety requires more skill and practice than driving a car. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can be attributed to a lack of riding experience.

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