Daughter of 2 NYPD Officers Injured Bystander In High Speed Chase

Scott Wiss and Joel Levine, http://injurylawfirmny.com, discuss the details of a recent accident in NYC.{3:25 minutes to read} When you are involved in an accident, who is at fault? Sometimes it is very clear who the liable party is, other times it is not. It could even be a third party that is held liable.

College student, Natalie Ferber, 19, and her mother, off-duty NYPD Sgt. Nancy Lawrence, 50, were involved in an auto accident in Brooklyn on November 18, 2014. The person who collided with her, Randy Edwards, 34, was fleeing from police and involved in a high speed chase through the streets of the city.

NYPD officers were in pursuit of Edwards, who was driving a van, when he slammed into Ferber’s Nissan Versa on Ave. U and Burnett St. in Marine Park. The police were chasing Edwards because he was a suspect in a string of armed robberies in the area.

Initially, Edwards evaded a police stop on Flatbush Ave. when he sped away in his van, running over an officer’s foot. Cops had chased Edwards for approximately seven miles before the high speed chase ended with the accident. Edwards was arrested and charged with assault of a police officer with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving.

The accident left Natalie Ferber with a serious brain injury, and she has been in a coma since the accident in November. Her mother, Nancy Ferber, the driver of the vehicle, was also injured and is still in rehab. NYPD officers from two Brooklyn Precincts have raised almost $12,000 to help pay for Natalie’s medical bills.

Natalie’s parents, Sgt. Nancy Ferber and NYPD Lt. Dennis Ferber, are grateful to the NYPD for their support, but they have filed notice that they plan to sue the city for $70 million.

It has been reported that an NYPD supervisor called off the chase prior to the accident, but pursuing officers may have ignored the order. The NYPD forbids high speed chases on city streets.

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