Head-On Collision Justice

Head on collisions are by far the most devastating and deadly type of automobile accidents that happen on the road.  Often, they are unavoidable for at least one of the drivers, as they happen so quickly that there is little to no time for recovery.  Tragically, many good, safe, law abiding drivers are injured or killed by reckless, distracted, inexperienced or careless people who have gravely misjudged their situation.

These types of accidents are more likely to occur when drivers are distracted.  This can include anything from changing the radio station, to talking on a cell phone, texting, quieting the kids – anything that takes your eyes off the road.  They’re also caused by drivers using excessive speed which can cause the driver to use lose control of their car.  The impact of the crash is ultimately exacerbated due to both parties travelling at high speeds.

People who survive head on collision wrecks are often seriously disabled.  The types of injuries that occur range from brain injuries, body paralysis, burns, and internal organ damage.  It’s highly uncommon to walk away from a head on collision unscathed.

With that being said- if you’ve had the terrible misfortune of being involved in a head on collision, you’ll need attorneys you can trust to bring you justice for the pain and suffering you’ve endured.  The attorneys at Levine & Wiss PLLC will make sure you receive the utmost compensation for your injuries and emotional suffering.  With your world likely turned completely upside down, you need someone to make it right.  Call us today at 1.888.GOT.HURT or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.

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