Hurt By A Dog Bite? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Joel Levine and Scott Wiss,, discuss what to do if you're attacked by a pet animal.Most New Yorkers are animal lovers. But the dangers of being bitten and injured by a dog are real and the consequences can be very painful. Dog bites happen all the time and they can be quite serious. Most recently a woman in Queens had to be rushed to Elmhurst Hospital after being mauled by a pitbull belonging to a friend of hers. It is always a good idea to be careful around animals you are unfamiliar with. But sometimes even the most cautious person can be the victim of a dog bite and the medical expenses and pain that come with it. 

Here are some things you should know in case you are ever attacked by an aggressive dog.

  • The animal’s owner must pay for your medical expenses: The dog’s owner must cover all medical expenses you incur as a result of the injury. This also applies to veterinary bills, meaning that if one dog is attacked by another and gets hurt, the attacking dog’s owner must pay the veterinary bills for the wounded animal.

  • New York is a “one free bite” state: For damages outside of medical expenses, such as pain and suffering, a plaintiff must be able to show that the dog’s owner knew or should have known of the animal’s violent propensities. This is known as the ‘one free bite” rule because the first time the owner sees his pet bite someone, he is put on notice of the behavior and is thereafter responsible if it happens again.

  • Investigation of the animal’s history is often necessary: Of course, facing a potential lawsuit, many dog owners will claim ignorance of any prior aggressive behavior shown by the offending animal. This is why it is important to have an attorney who will properly investigate the situation and find out if there is a record of any previous attacks. If even a single prior unprovoked attack can be proven to have been known by the owner, there may be a strong legal case.

  • Be careful not to provoke an animal: Being careful around unfamiliar animals is always smart advice. Legally a dog’s owner will not be held liable if a person provokes the animal to attack or touches the dog after being warned not to. Additionally, in most cases, a trespasser cannot recover damages from a dog bite if he was unlawfully on another’s property when bitten.

If you or someone you know was injured by a dog bite, please contact us as soon as possible by calling 1-888-GOT-HURT. We can thoroughly investigate the matter and determine your chances of recovery.

Joel L. Levine Joel L. Levine
Levine And Wiss, PLLC 
Scott Wiss Scott L. Wiss
Levine And Wiss, PLLC 
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