Injured on the Job?

Have you been injured on the job?  If you have, then you know all the complicated challenges that can arise from your injury.  New York State defines Worker’s Compensation as a type of insurance that provides benefits and medical care for workers who become ill or suffer an injury as a direct outcome of their occupation.  There are many different ways that these circumstances can occur.  If you’re unsure if you’re a victim, it’s within your rights to get the facts.

At Levine & Wiss, we have decades of experience with Worker’s Compensation cases- which equates to decades of success.  You can trust our dedicated attorneys to get the job done and to get you the benefits that you deserve if you’ve been in an unfortunate workplace accident.  We have plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies.  We understand how they work and what methods they often use when trying to deny your claim.  We’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen and to make sure that you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

To learn more about what we can do to guarantee your rights and the justice you deserve, visit the Worker’s Comp section of our website.  To set up a free consultation, simply contact us online.  If you’d like to speak with someone directly to find out how you can get started today, call us at 1.888.GOT.HURT.

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